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How To Have More Time

Time is what we all want most of, but use least effectively!  Screen time is my aversion, we spend way too much time on screens - phones, ipads, PC's, TV and it seems we never get away from having square eyes! 

Time is free  - but it's priceless.  You can't own it, but you can use it!  You can't keep it, but you can spend it.  Once you've lost it, you never get it back.  (Quoted by Harvey McKay).

Here are my top tips to acquire & utilize your time more effectively:

1.  BE ORGANIZED - Prioritize work into more streamlined and systematic order.  For tasks that don't add value, simplify or eliminate and focus on those tasks that should be higher up the priority list and aim for greater use of productivity.

2.  BE REALISTIC - About what you can fit into your schedule and divide your tasks into more important matters first.

3.  BE RESULTS DRIVEN - Concentrate on achieving results, not just on staying busy.

4.  SOLVE PROBLEMS - In advance during downtime so you don't waste time on finding solutions when you are busy.

5.  OUTSOURCE - tasks that you don't have time for, don't enjoy doing, find mundan or can easily be done by others to ease the burden.  ie. Virtual Assistant, Cleaning, Washing Car etc.  Don't forget to ask for help!

6.  RESEARCH / READING - Skim through less important content to focus on chapters / content that is most crucial.  

7.  AIM FOR NURTURING RELATIONSHIPS -  Good health, relationships (work and personal) and exercise all provide us with great benefits, spending quality time with friends, family and work colleagues is vitally important to work, life, balance.        


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