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Beautiful Confidence!

During a study conducted a few years ago, cosmetic company’s surveyed women around the world asking what they thought made other women ‘’beautiful’’ - was it Great Skin? Fabulous Hair? or Winning Smile? The findings were as enlightening and less attributed to physical appearance than first thought. The overwhelming response was that physical appearances weren’t true measures of beauty at all. In fact, many said that if a woman is kind, caring and CONFIDENT she is beautiful regardless of her looks. Confidence is the key to being comfortable within yourself and generating warmth to others. We often devalue ourselves in everyday situations – ‘’Im having a bad hair day”, “I look fat in these pants”? “I am not good enough” etc. These thoughts eat away at our confidence and our ability to be the best we can be. Confidence and self belief are very infectious. 

Recognize your insecurities and be kind to yourself. Sometimes the voice in the back of our minds is our biggest setback, harboring self-doubt, making us uncomfortable, ashamed or discouraged. Whatever negative experiences, it’s never too late to implement confident and positive thoughts. Talking over problems with others can be therapeutic and you may be surprised at how many others relate to similar feelings of self-doubt. Focus and understand that you need to resolve each issue before moving on, change doesn’t happen overnight. Self-acceptance and moving onwards and upwards from negative situations help give us clarity, even the most confident people have insecurities and no one is perfect, challenges will always be ahead us. Often insecure feelings come and go and constantly change. Reflections are sometimes very different to reality. 

Identifying your success and discovering things you excel at give us a sense of purpose. Take the time to focus on your talents and strengths and give yourself credit for it! Find things you are passionate about and enjoy, adding a variety of interests to your life will not only make you more confident it will increase your chances of meeting compatible friends and work colleagues. Conversely faking confidence can actually make you believe it too! Pretend you are a completely confident version of yourself and surround yourself with confident people to propel you into that line of positive thinking. Don’t forget to accept compliments graciously and say “Thank you” with a smile rather than “Really, are you kidding?”. Dress with style, confidence and comfort, not flashy or trashy!

Being thankful for what we have and finding inner peace does wonders for our confidence, often insecurity and lack of confidence comes from not having enough of something which can be emotional validation, money or a thriving career etc. By acknowledging and appreciating what you do have combats the feelings of being unsatisfied. Be positive as difficult as that may be in challenging times!  Speak positively about yourself, your future and your progress. Help others by being kind to people around you and making a positive difference in other people’s lives and a positive force in the world, boosting self-confidence immensely! Findings - Herald Sun Weekend &

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