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How to have a winning profile

With the advent of digital and social media, personal and professional branding has never been more important to demonstrate your credentials and has the power to provide you with favourable recommendations.  Branding used to be a term that only related to a product or company, but the power of social and digital media has changed all of that.  Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter are great resource tools to elevate your profile, but can be limiting with content.   HR and recruitment agencies are using Linkedin and social media to ascertain a personal's professional and personal profile now in order to see if they fit the professional mould of a particular skill set required.

A constructive website and blog can really differentiate who you are in a particular industry and what you stand for. Branding recognition starts with using your name as a reference in blogs, tweets, website and # (hashtagging) name references to pop up in top results pages of search engines.  Linkedin is still the most professional way to build your profile and have others provide glowing recommendations, best of all its FREE!  

There is a fine line with sharing too much personal information when utilizing it for business, I still go by the old value 'less is more'.  Make sure your content is informative, interesting and relates to business.  ie. Bikini photos and ''look at me out with celebrities at a night club" probably won't solidify your position in the corporate world as a justifiable business post.  Social media should promote relevant discussion and any anti-social behaviour should be discouraged.  Untag yourself from any unflattering posts if you are concerned.  Building a strong network with a compelling website, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Instagram etc. is a powerful tool to elevate your following!  

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