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fiorina jewellery
discovery soiree

Guests enjoyed an evening of opulence and sophistication, where every facet gleamed with the brilliance of luxury. Fiorina Jewellery is a world of distinct craftsmanship, timeless beauty, and unparalleled allure. ​

We were delighted to have guest presenter Chandell Labbozzetta, CEO and founder of Life Puzzle, who captivated everyone in the room with her heart-felt advice, insight and tips.  In a world where casual conversations and communications are often either banal or strictly transactional it's easy to believe that the words you use are significant - until you step outside the lines of political correctness.  The reality is that words matter.  Words change lives and destinies and have immense power especially when our goal is to lead and motivate others.  Chandell helped us look at our own communications with fresh eyes and transform them so that we can excel in selling our ideas and products.

This evening promised to be an unforgettable celebration of style, and artistry. Located at the Fiorina Jewellery boutique in the heart of Armadale.

Images by Bohemian Rhapsody Magazine.  Special thanks to the amazing media team: 

Fabio Segatori, Chierchia Gerardo and Nine Eliss.  

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