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Saturday 16th October 4:00pm-5:00pm AEST



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Online Networking Seminar






4.00 pm -5.00 pm


Join us for Bubbles & Bras to feel supported, stay informed and forge new connections and perhaps most importantly bring back a little FUN! 

We are delighted to add a  little sparkle to your Saturday to  help clear your mind of clutter and negative news, we are delighted to present an online event with three guest presenters!   Courtney D'Andrea, Senior Executive Director from INTIMO Lingerie together to thrive and survive in business and personal well being!    Raising the bar or should we say bra for this event we will have a top breast cancer surgeon Dr. Su Wen Loh to discuss the developments in breast cancer and keeping yourself breast healthy!  

Prior to her foray into empowering women with global brand INTIMO, Courtney D'Andrea held a successful career in the finance sector with Goldman Sachs building trust and connection between clients and businesses.   These skills have taken her to the world stage supporting women, empowering women and ready to take on the world!

Discover the art of simple and effective meditation and how to implement this into your daily ritual for positive mind set, clarity and harmony.

Adela believes "A woman's super power lies within her sensuality and it can change the world"  Be transported to a relaxing meditative state to accept yourself and challenges unconditionally.

As a creative luxury brand fashion designer Adela has always celebrated the sensuality of women and the connection to a higher power within.

All guests will receive a energy reading and healing!

For further information:

Have your beverage of choice ready, ie. bubbles, champagne, wine, tea, smoothie, water etc and get ready to be inspired, relaxed and connected!


Did you know?

The benefits of staying positive and meditation through uncertainty are not just about feeling better — they impact the outcome.


You will be better able to seek support from others when you remain positive, as people tend to gravitate towards positive people. If you can stay positive and keep your mental traction through crises, you’ll be much more able to come up with solutions to problems and solve key issues. This is true in life and in business!

10 Benefits of Meditation


1.    Gaining new perspectives on stressful situations

2.    Building skills to manage your stress

3.    Promotes emotional health and emotional balance

4.    Enhances self awareness

5.    Increased Focus 

6.    Reduced Anxiety and Depression 

7.    Increased Creativity and Imagination 

8.    Increased Memory 

9.    Increased tolerance and patience 

10.  Lengthens attention span

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​Friday 15th October 9pm

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