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A cultural experience event, partnered with IWFCI (International Women's Federation and Chamber of Commerce and Industry) The Ancestral Ring of Hope featured a triple treat with three fabulous guest presenters, author Suzi O'Connor,  Rita Vago, Trade Commissioner and Mihaly Geiger Head of the Hungarian Consular Office who provided an overview about the Hungarian Diaspora.  


Have you ever wondered about your ancestral heritage? This is a story of how one book The Ancestral Ring of Hope - A high price for freedom in war torn Hungary (Inspired by true events) uncovered a story that needed to be told and could inspire you to uncover your family heritage.​

Special guest presenter Suzi O'Connor will take us on her family journey of the challenges, despair, resilience and assimilating to a new culture.  This story inspired her to write a self funded and self published acclaimed novel, currently being devised as an opera with music written by Dr. John Peterson. Also featuring Hungarian Trade Commissioner Rita Vago and Hungarian Consul Mihaly Geiger providing a presentation on the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Hungary and Australia and what the future relations may entail for business, trade and travel.

Located at The Masque South Melbourne.  Images by Andre Martinovici

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