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Your Desk / Home or Office / laptop or mobile



Thursday 8th October 7:00pm-8:00pm AEST




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Online Networking Seminar

All of our online seminars are recorded and available for four weeks, so if you can’t make it live,

register anyway we’ll send you the video later.





7.00-8.00 pm


Boost Your Social Media

Brand Profile


Learn to treat social media engagement like a dinner party, welcoming conversation between the host and guests!  Whether you are in business as a professional brand or utilizing your personal profile, having an online presence is not just about looking popular, it's about meaningful connections both on and offline to boost your profile. 

Featuring guest presenter Managing Director and Founder Sam McFarlane

of Sam Says Online marketing consultancy

Discover tried and successful professional tips on how to improve social media and why branding is important for customers to get to know, like and trust a brand.  There are many advantages to cultivating your brand or personal profile on social media, which can improve your ability to communicate with customers, prospects and help you engage your audience to build authority, form loyal relationships.  The right imagery, frequency, and authentic content is key to engagement for your social media strategy.


Did you know there’s over 3.8 billion active social media users worldwide? This means that it’s highly probable that your ideal customer is waiting for you online. Is your content marketing up to the challenge of cutting through the noise to reach your client?   Whether you are in business or you are wanting to improve the content of your personal profile a digital social media strategy is a must.  It’s no surprise that in the demands of everyday business life, online marketing is something that slips down the priority list of busy entrepreneurs.  Some people aren’t natural online marketers, and some flat out hate that aspect of running a business and would much rather focus their efforts on what it is they do best.  

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Sam Says is an online marketing consultancy that works with people to increase their visibility online, enhance their credibility through a consistent message and help drive their business growth through greater brand recognition.   For over 20 years, Sam McFarlane has worked with corporate organisations across a variety of industries and sectors providing specialist marketing support. In 2012, she launched Sam Says to support businesses to build their online profile. 


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