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WOMEN & MBA (online global event series)

"empowering your career""



Your Desk / Home or Office / laptop or mobile



9th & 11th December 2021

& 12th January 2022  (pre recorded to watch anytime)



Complimentary for all


Event Type

Online Networking Seminars



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9 - 11 DECEMBER  &

12 JANUARY 2022


Learn to flourish and empower your career featuring internationally renowned guest presenters !  

You have your own unique point of view. You are ambitious. You are strong and resilient, but also caring and creative. You are looking for the path that leads to your professional growth.

Do you see yourself some of these lines?

The Women & MBA online event welcomes you for three days full of insights and activities designed for women from all walks of life. On 9 December and 11 December 2021 and 12 January 2022.   

You will meet and learn from representatives of diverse business schools and top MBA programmes, esteemed keynote speakers, and international MBA alumnae.


Join from any point in the world and lead the way in the conversation on female empowerment.


Get inspired by live school presentations and internationally renowned keynote presenters.

The event programmes for  9th & 11th December are packed with insights on the most current trends in female leadership. Join the inspiring speakers as they draw on their own experience and share lessons about gender diversity in education and at the workplace.

Network with business schools in group sessions

Admissions directors from globally accredited business schools will be ready to discuss the future of women in business. Tune in for their group networking sessions as MBA representatives share eye-opening facts and useful details about the opportunities at their institutions.

Hear success stories of international MBA alumnae.

Business schools will be there to tell the real-life stories of diverse women with experience from different industries. What did female graduates gain from their MBA degree? Learn about their journey to leadership and you may find new purpose for your own career.

Choose your best fit for joining the Women & MBA online event! Sign up for 9th  December and 11th  December 2021 and 12th  January 2022 or all dates and gain the confidence you need for your professional future to REGAIN YOUR FULL POTENIAL!


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