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"empowering you to create certainty in uncertain times"



Your Desk / Home or Office / laptop or mobile



Saturday 18th September 4:00pm-5:00pm AEST



Bonus: complimentary for all

                                                                            COMPLIMENTARY for EWIB members and non members 

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Online Networking Seminar






4.00-5.00 pm


Learn to flourish and empower yourself and others!  

How to create certainty during uncertainty times.

Featuring guest presenter Annie Toscher , professional coach, author and presenter.  Extensive study in Meta Dynamics, Extended EDISC Profiler International, Emotional Coach and Trasn-personal Art Therapist & Trans-personal Counselor.

As a professional coach, author and speaker Annie's methodology helps women like you to transform their lives and discover how to make a difference through meaningful action.

Discover tried and successful professional tips on how to implement simple, yet powerful strategies to help you feel EMPOWERED, especially during these difficult lockdown times. 

What does EMPOWERED mean?  It's when you know how to respond to life and how you respond to yourself.

Motivation gives us purpose and there is no question that lockdowns have been difficult for everyone, managing your time to break up into schedules will help get you back on track, learn these and other principles to help you regain your full potential.

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Did you know?

The benefits of staying positive through uncertainty are not just about feeling better — they impact the outcome.


You will be better able to seek support from others when you remain positive, as people tend to gravitate towards positive people. If you can stay positive and keep your mental traction through crises, you’ll be much more able to come up with solutions to problems and solve key issues. This is true in life and in business!

10 Powerful Ways to Stay Positive 

1.    Plan Ahead, try to stay in a routine

2.    Filter information and follow reputable sources

3.    Keep Exercising 

4.    Meditation

5.    Think Happy Thoughts 

6.    Enjoy Whatever You Do

7.    Manage Your Finances, be careful not to splurge

8.    Care for others -  reach out with positive communication

9.    Continue with work and study

10.  Try to avoid negativity

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​Friday 17th September 9pm

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